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Hermès began its journey in 1837 as a maker of saddles and leather goods, before setting out along the Silk Road, and finally offering an array of gourmet destinations nourished by enchanting stories.

In 1985, Hermès introduced its first-ever porcelain service, Pivoines. The pattern was inspired by one of the company's own resplendent story-telling silk scarves. Each collection has its own story and holds its own special secret – the delicate materials and forms, the magical images, the rich enchantment of colours, the variety of decorative styles, the fine hand-painted rims, the signature of each piece with the mark of its collection.

Endlessly inventive and imaginative, Hermès offers a changing array of patterns, colours and delights. A new story for each guest.

Showroom Location: 22 Floor

Showroom Hours:
Monday to Friday, from 9:00am to 5:00pm

Olivier Pechou, Vice President Art de la Table,
, ,
TEL. 855 240-9740