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Vista Alegre USA

Harmoniously Uniting Tradition and Modernity

The Vista Alegre porcelain factory was founded in 1824 in lhavo, Portugal, in the Aveiro district. The company carries out its entire production in four plants located in the central region of Portugal and is a leader in the Iberian market. Vista Alegre produces nearly 15 million pieces a year - from decorative porcelain, dinnerware and crystal pieces to domestic hospitality collections (which are used in some of Europe\\\'s best hotels and restaurants). Throughout its history, the brand has been closely linked to the cultural life of Portugal, though it has maintained a high level of international renown as well, exporting its products to more than 60 countries.

A creative and eclectic collection of tabletop, barware and gift pieces, including the vibrant and whimsical FunkiFolki collection by esteemed designer, Jaime Hayon and Rêveries, a Château de Groussay-inspired tableware line by Christian Lacroix Maison, is being presented in the company’s flagship showroom on the ninth floor of Forty One Madison. From one-of-a-kind porcelain tableware and giftware to exquisite crystal glasses and bar accessories, the latest introductions from Vista Alegre are an impressive addition to its already outstanding offerings.

Gold Exotic
Drawing inspiration from the exotic beauty of the ancient Orient, this alluring tableware collection features a floral motif that is richly adorned with gold accents. Its mystique, coupled with elegant styling, will bring a sense of opulent beauty and sophistication to any table.

Matiz represents the ultimate expression of glass art. From the play with shadows obtained through engraving on the inside to the illusion of the presence of gold, which deepens their mystery, these pieces are the result of ancestral knowledge paired with the most modern production techniques. Seductive, subtle and elegant, Matiz is a timeless creation.

Precious by Mendel Heit
Inspired by precious minerals before they are extracted from rocks, Precious exemplifies the notion that most beautiful and valuable things have an organic origin. This collection of decorative pieces, conceived by the Mendel Heit Design Lab, features the finest in contemporary design and craftsmanship.

The highly reflective surface of the Boreal vases is the result of the 30% crystal used in the production, as well as the technical mastery of Vista Alegre’s craftspeople. The large opening on each vase was meticulously polished to give them an unusual texture, contrasting with the simplicity of the base, making these pieces shine brightly

Also on display in Vista Alegre’s showroom will be the Casa Alegre brand of casual porcelain and glass dinnerware, drinkware and accessories; as well as an expanded selection of products from Bordallo Pinheiro, including Maria Flor, Rua Nova, Watermelon, and Pinapple. Vista Alegre’s, Casa Alegre’s and Bordallo’s Quick Ship catalogs will be available.

One of the most respected and sought after brands worldwide, Vista Alegre is renowned for its myriad collections that offer a unique combination of exquisite products in the porcelain, crystal and glass segments. The company owes as much to creativity as it does to technical innovation and rigorous craftsmanship - the latter including 17 manual painters - making it appealing to the most eclectic and demanding tastes.

Vista Alegre invites buyers and industry professionals to visit their New York Showroom and see their assortment of:

-Home Decor & Giftware

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