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Vista Alegre USA

Harmoniously Uniting Tradition and Modernity

The Vista Alegre porcelain factory was founded in 1824 in lhavo, Portugal, in the Aveiro district. The company carries out its entire production in four plants located in the central region of Portugal, producing nearly 15 million pieces a year that are exported to more than 60 countries! From decorative porcelain, dinnerware and crystal pieces to domestic hospitality collections (which are used in some of Europe's best hotels and restaurants), Vista Alegre is known for quality on a global scale.

During the spring Tabletop Show, a creative and eclectic collection of tabletop, barware and gift pieces will be on display in the company’s flagship showroom on the ninth floor of Forty-One Madison.

New 2018 highlights from Vista Alegre will include:


Cannaregio, a new Vista Alegre dinnerware collection, is inspired by all of the magic and romance captured in the city of Venice. Romantic floral and fresh vegetable motifs, bold lines and deep contrasting hues of blue, black and orange, blend together to create a modern look that’s deeply rooted in heritage.


The Caillouté dinnerware collection features delicate gold threads intersecting over a deep blue backdrop, creating a classic and simultaneously contemporary character. Hand-painted, fired at a high temperature, and gold-plated, Caillouté stands out luxuriously among the brand’s porcelain offerings.


The Maya collection stands out functionally for its great versatility. It offers a varied decoration, with its general futuristic tones acting as a conductive thread. The assorted pieces include unusual textures inspired by Vista Alegre’s timeless Bicos glass goblets, and ornaments that create a 3D illusion. Elegant and unexpected, the Maya set is ideal for all occasions.

Caballus and Floris

In 1835, at the beginning of Vista Alegre’s golden production era, the brand hired French painter and designer Victor Rousseau, who founded the first School of Manual Painting in the factory. After him, classes of painting, drawing, and sculpture would become a staple. Six generations later, the art of brush painting maintains its traditional excellence, being reserved for items of great artistic value, such as Floris and Caballus.

Exciting to note will be the launch of the first full Casa Alegre stoneware dinner collections:


Classic and subdued, the solid tone of this collection is contrasted nicely by the unique, hand-formed shapes of the stoneware. The elegant imperfections found in the pieces of the collection, mixed with the uniqueness of color, make Bronze a surprising option.


The reactive black glaze that adorns Exuberant is broken up by shiny stripes that elegantly circle the porous stoneware pieces. These lovely disruptions appear to be made out of wood or marble, alluding to the organic nature that stoneware collections are inspired by.

Floral Scent

Floral Scent is the best representation of the surprisingly unique aesthetic of reactive glaze. The bright blue finishing touches are full of character, making each piece a distinctive creation, and thus giving each set enormous potential for mixing and matching with other pieces and collections.


Dark tones are the trademark of this striking collection, where the combination of matte black and lapis lazuli glazes create a dramatic backdrop for everything that is plated upon it.


Shine vibrantly combines the elegance of metallic shine with pieces of stoneware, creating an exquisite feast of tableware art that is as rustic as it is sophisticated.

Vista Alegre’s, Casa Alegre’s and Bordallo’s Quick Ship catalogs will be available for the duration of the show.

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