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Intelligent Design for Better Living

Contemporary kitchenware designer and manufacturer, Joseph Joseph, was founded in 2003 by twin brothers Richard and Antony Joseph. Since then, the London-based brand has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the worldwide housewares market, with undeniably functional products that embrace both good design and innovation.

After initially studying industrial design, the twins pursued separate career paths for several years; Antony attended Central St. Martins and worked as a freelance product designer and Richard studied business at Cambridge. Eventually, both came together to work on designs for their father’s decorated glass worktop company, The Glass Company. Then, after a suggestion from their father, the brothers founded Joseph Joseph, with Richard serving as Managing Director and Antony serving as Design Director.

Remaining true to the brothers’ vision, the brand’s main goal is to “tie up the loose ends” that a simple utensil has neglected by only partially solving a problem. The Joseph Joseph team spends hours in the office kitchen looking for these loose ends, and through testing complete sets of kitchen utensils and appliances has generated fresh, problem-solving ideas and products that meet the company’s high standards in four core areas: functionality, innovation, longevity and aesthetics.

Selling to over 73 countries, from Australia and New Zealand to France and Panama, Joseph Joseph is now internationally recognized for producing some of the most stylish and technically innovative gadgets and tools available. Though its core focus is on kitchenware, the company also produces premium everyday tableware, storage and cleaning products.

Joseph Joseph’s unique ability to match form and function has earned the brand global recognition for its multi-award-winning designs.

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