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Darbie Angell

Empowered by Wanderlust, Boldness, and Romance, Darbie Angell seeks to Empower Women.

The heart of my company thrives across the globe, seeking to impact the lives of women from Austin, Texas to Bangladesh, to New York, and beyond! Our bold, fashion-forward tableware and giftware is handcrafted by women all over the world as we Impact the World One Plate at a Time. Each piece is touched by the hands of over 18 women, who wouldn’t have the opportunity to work and lead a life for themselves otherwise. My mission is to serve as a voice for these women until they can find their own.

At Darbie Angell, we are driven by passion, confidence and wanderlust. I seek to capture the mysterious beauties of land far and wide through bold designs, and maintain the chic style of the modern woman. Our dinnerware, bakeware, giftables, and beyond are all catered for her with inspiration from everything I experience as I travel the world.

Come journey with me!... Join my team and me as we explore the unbeaten path, experience the euphoria, misery, confidence, and wanderlust that are all part of the adventure.

Showroom Location: 10 Floor

Showroom Hours:
8am-6pm during Tabletop Show, otherwise by appoint

Rebekah Singleton, Director of Operations,
Darbie Angell, CEO/Founder,
TEL. 512-779-3222