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Denby USA Limited

Denby, STYLED BY LIFE Versatile, Beautiful and Durable Tableware and Cookware designed for Modern Life.

At Denby we don't think it's enough to simply design beautiful tableware and cookware. We have a rich track record of adapting our offerings to match the needs of our users, whatever the era - like the time we switched from producing stoneware bottles and jars in the 1920s into making functional kitchen wares like pie dishes and colanders, or the creation of full matching tableware ranges when the 1970s saw the rise in the home dinner party, or to the present day where the extensive bowl range we now make mirrors the rise in bowl food and a more casual approach to dining and entertaining.

Burleigh, another prestigious English brand, has recently been added to the Denby portfolio.

At Burleigh, we've been handcrafting our wares since 1851. We make using traditional techniques you won't find anywhere else. Old techniques that produce new products that have been dishwasher and microwave safe since before dishwashers and microwaves existed. Each piece we make passes through the many hands of the men and women who produce Burleigh ware at the Middleport Pottery, our home since 1889. Their skill, their attention to detail and their dedication to preserving time honored craft traditions, is what makes Burleigh the way it is today and always has been.

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