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Fabulous fine flatware

We’re Obsessed With Flatware
At Gourmet Settings we love flatware. We love it so much that we decided to make it better. We designed it, streamlined its manufacturing process, refined it and tested it. We learned how to use steel better, finish it better and waste less material. We think that every time you eat with friends and family, your knives, forks and spoons should bring you a little dash of joy. You use your flatware three times a day, 365 days a year. Why shouldn't every time bring a smile to your face.

Our Style
We believe things should be beautiful AND practical. We work closely with award-winning designers to develop all of our products. We have created exclusive patterns and designs including everyday dining flatware, classical flatware, handmade stainless steel flatware, modern knives and forks and more formal Continental-sized flatware for elegant entertaining. Our hard work and attention to detail has paid off – we hear from our happy customers every day and many of our patterns have won prestigious international design awards.

Our Price
Things should be well priced, whether they’re top-of-the-line goods or for everyday use. Gourmet Settings is the right choice for the perfect mix of award-winning style and affordability – we work hard to bring you our great products at a great price.

Rejuvenate your kitchen, revitalize your dining room and renew your table with Gourmet Settings.

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