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The Finest in Handcrafting

Alive with natural light and breathtaking views of the city, our vibrant space is your link to remarkable artists that collectively constitute a legend in their own time. Gaze upon any piece and sense the passion of the extraordinary individual pouring his or her all into its creation. These skilled artists form the heart and soul of Herend Porcelain and Moser Crystal, both as dedicated today to the art of handcrafting as they were when the brands were founded in the 1800s.

Centuries old yet ever-contemporary, both Herend and Moser are the pièce de résistance among supreme porcelain and crystal. It’s easy to understand why they hold this distinction. Both are sold in the finest retail stores and galleries worldwide. Both are owned by royalty, heads of nations, religious leaders and high-profile celebrities. Both hold many international design awards. And both are consistently featured in leading national magazines.

Great sculptors, talented painters and visionary designers give form to each of the thousands of porcelain pieces bearing the prestigious Herend hallmark. Herend dinnerware promises a stunning tablescape, while fishnet figurines and home accessories dazzle in the intricacy of their detail. Herend dinnerware, in particular, was hailed as the cream of the crop in results of a recent Luxury Institute survey of affluent consumers. They named Herend number one for its consistently superior quality, uniqueness and exclusivity, its use by individuals admired and respected, and its ability to make a customer feel special across the entire customer experience.

Moser crystal, born of humble origins in 1857 as a small engraving studio, quickly grew to international acclaim for its remarkable engravings and brilliant colors inspired by precious stones. At least 30 crafts people lend their touch to each mouth-blown piece of barware, stemware and art glass before it is finished, with each stage in the process a revelation of the skill and precision that goes into creating Moser. The Moser hallmark, which is affixed after many quality checks, guarantees a flawless piece of crystal truly befitting of the line’s distinctive reputation as the jewel of European crystal.

You are cordially invited to visit us for a complete introduction to Herend and Moser. The showroom is open during the April and October Tabletop shows, at which time new products are unveiled. Appointments may be set at other times by calling 1-800-643-7363, or emailing

Showroom Location: 10 Floor

Showroom Hours:
By appointment and during shows

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Maureen Ellis, Director of Marketing,
TEL. 1-800-643-7363
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