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Royal Copenhagen. A passion for blue...since 1775.

Royal Copenhagen is a Danish luxury tabletop company. Originally the Royal Danish Porcelain Manufactory, it was founded in 1775 by pharmacist Frantz Heinrich Müller and run by the Royal Family for almost a century. Known for its emphasis on tradition and high standards of craftsmanship, Royal Copenhagen has designed and manufactured porcelain products for over two centuries. The company, which has worked with many talented artists and designers throughout its history, is renowned for its classic, handmade and hand-painted porcelain in blue and white. Today, Royal Copenhagen is a world-famous brand producing exclusive, high quality porcelain dinnerware, home décor, figurines and collectibles that delight collectors and new generations of customers.

Showroom Location: 23 Floor

Showroom Hours:
By Appointment

Michele Nidoy, Marketing Manager,
Robin Goad, General Manager,
TEL. 212.532.5950
FAX 856.910.8279