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Luigi Bormioli

Luigi Bormioli is a leading glassmaker, established in Italy in 1946 and recognized as a premier provider of glass across many industries. Besides finding Luigi Bormioli glassware in retail stores, we also work with some of the strongest luxury brands in the world; names such as Chanel and Victoria’s Secret from our Fragrance Container business and Hennessy and Pernod Ricard from our Spirits partnerships. You will find Luigi Bormioli in some of the world’s finest restaurants and hotels through our Foodservice affiliations.

As an industry leader in retail glassware, Luigi Bormioli’s continual evolution of tabletop products are generated by the latest advances in technology, as well as consumer tastes and trends. Our brand and products are a wonderful fusion of artistry and expertise. Consumers count on our products to be both beautiful and durable. Our Italian made collections are crafted with proprietary processes that create a break resistant glass allowing us to offer a 25 year warranty against chipping and discoloration on several of our assortments.

Luigi Bormioli continues in its rich, centuries-long family legacy of glassmaking from the gloriously artistic region of Parma, Italy with a commitment to style, traditional, Italian craftsmanship, and trailblazing glassmaking technology. We continue to craft beautiful lead-free Italian hi-tech tabletop glassware that helps consumers create memorable enjoyment throughout all of life’s occasions. Luigi Bormioli, a glass for every occasion!

Showroom Location: 22 Floor

Showroom Hours:
By Appointment Only and during NY Tabletop Market

Jim Eckert, Vice President Tableware Division,
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TEL. 215-672-7111
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