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Designer Talks: Lisa Archambault

Lisa Archambault, co-founder of StudioA2 Designs, utilizes her conceptual design expertise and inspired art direction by introducing existing brands and new ones to reenergized concepts and product launches. Archambault spearheaded successful designer collaborations for Table and Gift industry leaders Lenox and Waterford Wedgwood.

She notably art directed and conceived the Kate Spade by Lenox collection, Butterfly Meadow Collection by Louise Leluyer, Wedgwood Vera Wang collection and the Waterford Monique Lhullier collection. We are excited to have Archambault as the first installment of our new Table 41 Series!

What is the basis of your design strategy?

Teamwork. A great design begins with an idea, clear & well-researched Art Direction with a strategic point of view, and a team who makes it all come together.

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What do you consider to be your design expertise?

I am an Art Director; therefore I clearly understand my audience, define the trends and then apply these trends to successful product concepts. The creative vision evolves during the process to create magic for the consumer.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Someone once told me: "I see the world in your eyes and your eyes in all the world around me." The idea for the Lenox Tin Can Alley collection was sparked by the ribbing on a tin can in the kitchen and similarly Lenox Butterfly Meadow was inspired by my garden.

Is it difficult to design products outside the scope of your own personal taste?

It is not a struggle for me to create designs that are not true to my personal style. I actually like the challenge! In my role as Art Director it is my responsibility to know my consumer and create products that sell. It is finding the right idea, and the right design, and creating powerful ideas that are good for the business.

What was your first and most successful design initiative? What do you think of it today?

My first successful design was the Lenox Spice Village Collection. It was during the age when Dept. 56 lit houses were all the rage. The trend inspired me to create decorative little spice houses with designer, Loretta Moskal. I still love the collection and the success it achieved.

A great design begins with an idea, clear & well-researched Art Direction with a strategic point of view, and a team who makes it all come together.

What is your favorite food?

Spaghetti and meatballs with a glass of red wine!

What is your favorite way to entertain?

I really love cooking and eating outdoors with family and friends - if the weather permits. I love to serve the food on a mixture of china and a meal that allows me to be with my guests and not bound to the kitchen.

Do you have any rules regarding design?

Yes—choose the right team and include them in the process. It is important to recognize their efforts and creative genius!

How many Forty One Madison Tabletop shows have you attended?

Oh boy, this answer will age me! I have been coming to Forty One Madison shows since 1987, a total of 58 shows, twice a year for 29 years!