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Chief Design Officer
Hering Berlin

Architects & Interior Designers

Food & Beverage and Hospitality

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Designer Talks: Stefanie Hering

Stefanie Hering, the Chief Design Officer of Hering Berlin, possesses exceptional abilities in craftsmanship and a unique vision that pushes the boundaries in porcelain design. Hering Berlin, a German based company, is a stand out. Its hand-made porcelain technique draws inspiration from the avant-garde and incorporates the highest level of skills with top quality craftsmanship. Stefanie is at the forefront of it all providing inside knowledge of the work ethic and the importance of tradition that has laid the foundation at Hering Berlin.

Do you have a greatest career moment? If so what was it?

I won the gold medal in a competition in South Korea for the best ceramic for use worldwide. This broke a major barrier; a western style dinner set gets the gold medal in Asia.

What was your most challenging career moment?

The most challenging moment was starting my own company with no financial background and competing against all the others [in the industry].

What is the basis of your design strategy?

Respect the material and design for everyday use and pleasure.

What do you consider to be your design expertise?

Design with sense and sensuality.

Where do you seek inspiration to kick-start your creative process?

When I see poor design, it inspires me like nothing else.

Respect the material and design for everyday use and pleasure.

How do you overcome creative blocks?

I meet with my business partner Wiebke and have a glass of wine. She always has a good joke.

How would you define your personal design aesthetic?

Somehow I can focus on the beauty and character of the material used.

Is there one design or collection that changed everything for you? What was it? And what do you think of it today?

It would have to be the Hering Berlin interpretation of painting porcelain for the 21st century. Our pattern "Pulse" is pure handcrafted, pure beauty and bisque porcelain in my favorite material. You can have no idea how this was made but you can feel it with your hands.

How many Forty One Madison Tabletop and Gift shows have you attended?

I've been there in person twice; my product has been with Julia Watts for many, many years.

If you could do one thing as a designer what would it be?

Design a car.

Is there one person who you admire or consider to be your greatest mentor or design inspiration?

Issey Miyake and Miuccia Prada.

What advice would you give to young designers who are just starting out in a commercial marketplace?

I would tell them to take care of your material and respect those that produce your ideas and those who use it.